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Head of School's Welcome,

My name is Chakeri and I am the  director of Early Learners Academy. When I started my journey in early childhood education in 2006 it was such an exciting feeling knowing that I had the opportunity to make a difference every single day in a child’s life. Currently in early childhood education I am honored that I am still making an impact with children. As a working mother of three, I know the importance of finding a dependable trustworthy preschool.


At Early Learners Academy each child learns so much from identifying letters and words, making letter and sound connections, using writing tools, building relationships, responding to text and the next thing we know they are kindergarten prepped. Seeing them conquer their own personal goals such as climbing up a latter, learning to pump their legs as they swing, or sounding out words is super exciting, and we give each other high fives and high tens!


We focus on early childhood education knowing that we are giving our early learners the tools and resources they need so that their brains will start to make the connection at an early age. They start making connection with language, gross motor, phonics, social and emotional development. This beautiful experience at Early Learners Academy will set our children up to be successful learners and ready to take on anything!


​Head of School

Our Philosophy

We are educators that help each child grow every day. We focus on every child and educate them based off the ways they seem most intrigued. We use the Reggio Philosophy as a guide to enhance every child daily learning. The Reggio Philosophy helps us to continuously bypass early learners  developmental milestones. We are a small community of educators that are passionate about teaching children.  We commit to love, safety and positive for every child. 

What makes us different from other child care centers is that we focus on the individual child and their individual needs.


We welcome you to Early Learners Academy. LEARN GROW AND PLAY with US!

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