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Selecting the Right Center

Searching for the right caregiver can be stressful, but finding the right fit can also be rewarding for your family. The right caregiver gives you a peace of mind that your child is learning, growing, and having fun.

We have answered many questions from families over the years with our many years of experience.


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Early Learners Academy Enrichments







Teachers & Classrooms 

Our Educators – Where the learning begins 
Early Learners Academy is staffed by exceptional educators that have been trained to teach early learners. Our educators have a natural love for children and are dedicated to helping each child reach his or her full potential.
To ensure staff quality, we have a customized assessment to select extraordinary competent teachers and care staff. This validated pre-hiring assessment uniquely identifies the best educators. 

We verify each educators references and conduct an in-dept background check based on Washington, DC licensing requirements. This includes fingerprinting and appropriate criminal background checks, as well as verification of educational credentials. 

We complete the necessary steps to ensure that we go above any beyond to protect the most important part of our program: your child.

In addition, all Early Learners Academy educators:


  • Are certified and meet all Washington, DC child-care requirements

  • Complete extensive training's by some of the best early childhood educational trainers 

  • Conduct parent conference to ensure parents are aware of each child-development milestones the child has reached and working towards

  • Receive ongoing yearly professional development training




An Ideal Learning Environment

A well-developed child care environment motivates and enhances learning. We provide a well-organized, orderly, planned and safe environment, flexible, we are able to adjust to meet the needs of different children. It’s our job to ensure classrooms and other learning spaces for children make them feel welcome, secure and ready to learn

Our classrooms are specifically designed based on age group:


  • Infants & Toddlers This program include a nice mix of activities during the day to teach different skills, such as singing, dancing, and storytelling. We prepare infants & toddlers for preschool with our daily routines, activities, and interactions with their peers.


  • Twos & Early Preschool: Our program for two- to three-year-old children can help each child have academic advancements with our thorough learning areas. An extensive study by the U.S. National Institutes of Health found that young children had higher cognitive and academic achievement scores as teens if they spent time in high-quality daycare as young children. 


  • Preschool: Our Preschool program for the four -year- old children is a combination of freedom and planned instruction. This provides children with success and the confidence they need by using a well developed curriculum and materials placed in their classroom to enhance each child free time. We use these different approaches for teaching as each child learns differently. We want each child to have the proper tools they need to be successful learners.


  • Pre-k & Jr. Kindergarten: Our STEM-focused early education for our five-year-old children helps develop skills vital to success in kindergarten. Our top quality Pre-K & Jr. K programs yields a long list of benefits that go beyond test scores. Early learning impacts everything from cognitive and emotional growth to social achievement and adult life outcomes. Cognitive growth includes sensory and motor interactions with the world, as well as verbal skills


Clean Spaces

Cleanliness is essential, so we take significant precautions to prevent the spread of germs.

  • We train our educators on the best health and safety regulations so that they are knowledgeable and have the best practices to perform when cleaning.

  • In the infant areas, all educators,staff, and parents wear booties to limit outside germs.

  • All spaces that children come in contact with are regularly disinfected.

  • All the children’s toys are disinfected on a regular basis.

Safety & Security – Our Top Priority

Providing a safe, secure environment is our number one goal. It’s as simple as that. Every attempt we make is for the safety and security to keep your child safe, happy, and healthy.
Early Learners Academy maintain safety with the following practices


  • Secure lobby and classrooms. Every entrance is equipped with an electronic lock which only the staff have access. All parents will be greeted and accompanied in to the building by the lobby staff. 

  • Visitor precautions. Photo ID is required from all unfamiliar visitors. A visitor listed as authorized to pick up a child must still show photo ID. PLEASE NOTE Visitors will not be allowed into the preschool area until verified by lobby staff.


Nutrition – Healthy Choices for Growing Kids


Menus include a variety of foods which meet daily nutritional needs and satisfy licensing requirements. We communicate clearly with parents about each child meal time to ensure each child is receiving the proper nutrition daily. We are a no nut facility.

Each meal we offer we serve family style dinning. Every child will be asked to partake in helping with the following:

  • Table setting

  • Food serving

  • Cleaning up

  • We offer breakfast snack, lunch, and afternoon snack.


We encourage children to sample  new foods and taste foods served; however, we cannot make it mandatory or punish children who choose not to eat food served. Please speak with your school director if you have specific concerns because of:

  • Religious reasons

  • Special dietary needs

  • Allergies or other considerations (We are happy to make any necessary accommodation)


Early Learners Academy ELA. Play, Learn and Grow with us!

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